About IC

Electro-acoustic improvisations, avant rock and contemporary music.
Instant Circuit is a swedish trio making Electro-acoustic improvisations.

“Etheric and noisy sound expressions”


Magnus Frenning, Carin Lundhquist and Magnus Alexandersson

Carin Lundhquist – Voice and Electronics
Magnus Alexanderson – Electric and MIDI Guitar, Synthesizer and Electronics
Magnus Frenning – Electronic Percussion and Computer (algorithms and sounds for extended percussion)

IC started as a duo in April 2009 by Magnus Alexanderson and Magnus Frenning to explore improvised electro-acoustic music (electric, sampled and electronically generated sounds). The duo performed together with the prominent reed/wind instrumentalist Geoff Leigh (UK) and the vocalist & perfomance artist Carin Lundhquist at Fylkingen in oct, 2009. In april 2010 Carin joined the group. From Stockholm and Falerum, Sweden.

The fourth member
Instant Circuit includes an invisible member. Magnus Frenning has developed a software that is a kind of agent which expands the electronic percussion into something significantly larger.
It is based on a calculation of frequency tonal and acoustic relationships and is based on the ”Quality of Fit” algorithm as described in the book ”Introduction to the Physics and Psychophysics of Music”  by Juan G. Roederer.
The program keeps track of what tones are generated and continuously produce new frequencies that ”fit” to what already sounds. It is possible to set different preferences for which tonal qualities to be generated and the setting is made according to the personal taste of Magnus, who also has control of when tones are generated and to what sound.

instantcircuit ‘at’ compusic.se